4_ThuAfterSchool** Pottery Wheel Throwing and Hand Building By**Ages: 10-Adult (Jennifer)* Full and waitlisted*

Thursday Pottery Class - Wheel Throwing and Hand Building.


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Instructor: Jennifer Burke (jburkepottery@gmail.com)

Ages: 10 - Adult

Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm

Tuition:  $90.00 per month* (clay purchased separately)

Registration: $140.00


Class Description:

Do something you have always wanted to do - learn how to throw on the pottery wheel to make your own bowls, plates and cups! You can also hand build boxes, pinch flower pots, sculpt animals or your favorite anime or video-game character. Basic skills will be emphasized for beginners, and as students progress they can choose their own projects while continuing to build their skills. This is an ongoing class.


Register below paying first month’s tuition plus a $50.00 Deposit** (applied to last two weeks of class).

If the class is full , you can waitlist by registering below and no payment is necessary. 

For Thursday Class Policies and FAQs  :  Click Here




Please contact Jennifer via email at jburkepottery@gmail.com for availability and further information

Pottery experience with Celeste( Private class): One Time-single session



Ages : 8-Adult

Time:  By appointment only ( please check before you register below)

Instructor: Celeste 

This will be a one time 2hr session. We will go over the basics of throwing on the pottery wheel. You will be able to create one hand build and one to two wheel projects based on time. I will be glazing with one color and putting them through the process of completion. The fee for this is added in the price below.

The price for one person is $95 and $145 for two. This includes.. instruction, clay, trimming fee and firing.

 If you would like to have the experience of trimming and glazing your pieces plus do an additional 1-2 hand pieces you would love the project comprehensive package. The $25 trimming fee is removed for the comprehensive package.

Instructors Contact Number-214-282-9518



Pottery experience with Celeste( Private class):Comprehensive- 3 Sessions



Ages : 8-Adult

Time:  By appointment only ( please check before you register below)

Instructor: Celeste 

Project package.. this includes three lessons.


-The first session will be learning the fundamentals of throwing and creating items. This will include a hand build and a wheel piece. This will be a 2 hr session.

-The second session will be a week later where you will trim your pieces and make another hand build project. This will also be a 2 hr session.

-The last session will be glazing your products and that will be a 1 hr session. You will get to choose up to two colors unlike the basic one session.

The pricing for this class is $190 for one person and $275 for two people.  This includes instruction, clay, and firing plus your choice of mulitple glaze options instead of just one like the basic package.   

Instructors Contact Number-214-282-9518





Weekly Pottery Lessons with Celeste ( Private class)



Ages : 8-Adult

Time:  Daytime and Evening Classes (Contact instructor for availability)

 Instructor: Celeste 

Weekly sessions-

This will be a weekly 2hr class and include instruction on different forms of creating with clay.

This will include hand build, slab work, molds and wheel.

You will work with your piece from start to finish. Creating, trimming and glazing.

Classes will be taught in private studio with up to four people max....


Weekly tuition is $60.00 Per 2 hr session/per person. Clay will be $20.00 at the first session. 

There is a minimum 2 month commitment for this class. No refunds for days missed but can
make them up on a later date. Tuition is due at the 1st of the month. 

This is a minimum 2 months commitment.

Time for each session:

For 8-Adult class time is 2hrs.

This can be altered on a case by case basis…