1_MonAfterSchool** Visual Arts Exploration **Ages 5-18 (Catalina)

Visual Arts Exploration


Ages:   5-18

Level:   Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Hobbyist

Instructor:  Catalina Pinon

Cost:    $90  tuition, $10 materials fee / month

Registration: See online options below Description

Email contact:   Catalina Pinon pinczo2013@gmail.com

Monday,  5.00 pm -6.30 pm : Starts Sept 9th

This Art class will cover:

  •  Art Perception—developing abilities to organize ideas from the environment
  • Creative expression/performance—developing the ability to express ideas in original works of art
  • Historical/cultural heritage—developing understanding of art from a variety of cultures and historical periods

Our comprehensive art curriculum will be conceptually based, sequentially developed and focused on both creative and critical thinking to enable students to become self-confident, self-governing, and contributing members of society.


Topics covered throughout the semester:

  • Drawing, sketching and doodles 
  • Color explosion -This class is all about color, imagination and innovation
  • 4 types of shades and dimension.
  • Mosaic relief linoleum and imprint.
  • Explore Mosaic mosaic materials and techniques collage. 

We will explore the visual arts world through diverse techniques and theories. This course is designed to encourage the children to use their creative problem-solving and thinking skills while using their imagination as a tool.

Classes require $50 registration deposit plus $15 administration fee and first month fees is due at the registration. Registration deposit will be applied to last month of each semester if student doesn't wish to continue to next semester. However, continuing students may roll their deposit into the next semester.


Catalina Pinon

Catalina 1

Catalina is a visual artist dedicated to education. She spends most of her time with her family and students. After living in diverse countries and cultures she feels that McKinney is her home.

Her passion is to inspire students to pursue their creative expression using art as their medium. In her class, students explore the many forms of fine arts so they can discover the one that fits the best. They will explore the basics of drawing, sketching and painting all the way to abstract, sculpting and more. If they already have a favorite technique they will focus and grow with it.

Her bachelors are in Visual Arts and she holds a Masters in Arts as well. She has certifications from the Texas Education Agency on Art EC-12, Core Subjects EC-6 and Spanish EC-12. She would be happy to have you in her class and explore all of the shades of visual arts in a stress-free environment.

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