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Pottery Classes at McKinney Art House

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 Our Artists offer several different  options for pottery classes. All of the teaching artists are part of our local community and  many  are award winning  and nationally recognized. Visit our artists page for their info. Registration is online and your  online payment goes directly to the teaching artists as they are all independent. We have weekly classesprivate lessons as well as studio membership.  Read class title and description for pricing details and registration. 

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 Pick A CLASS  Gift a Class


All our group classes are focused on lessons held on weekly basis. Private classes can be scheduled limited time or weekly. Pottery classes include hand building as well as wheel thrown techniques and a wide variety of glaze colors to choose from. Firing in 2 different electric kilns, and raku kilns provide a wide range of surface decoration. Learn more about each class by selecting the options below.

 About waitlisting

Weekly Ongoing Class:   It is a great way to  learn  and expand your understanding of pottery. This is in a  group setting that is ongoing  every week  and paid monthly until you decide discontinue or go for different options above . This is for all levels( Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced) and class is taught in studio style where each student is coached  individually in the class.

Private Lessons: Our artists provide  private lessons for anyone who would like to learn in smaller settings with dedicated time with the teaching artists. This is scheduled working with the  individual artists by appointment.  This can also be  taken along with your friend/family member, but limited to 3-4 at max. This can be ongoing or limited time as per your need. Check different options above.

Pottery Workshops: If you are looking to just have a pottery experience by yourself or with your friend or  family member, you can try out our Private Pottery experience classes which is either one time  for one time basic or  2 time for comprehensive experience. Check different options above.

Studio Membership: If you have clay experience to be independent and want  to have a studio acess to come in at your own schedule and use the facilities,  such as  in "Maker Space" for Pottery, you can consider our Studio Potter membership. This is like having your own studio visitng anytime you prefer.  Your experience needs to be validated before accepted for this option.

Note on waitlisting: Some of our ongoing weekly classes are currently waitlisted. We provide first opportunity to our waitlisted particpants  when an opening comes up including any new classes we create. This may at times make it appear as it being waitlisted all the time. Please register  and waitlist if you want to recieve auto-notifcation as soon as an opening comes up. There is no payment necessary. Check different options above.