Studio Potter Membership

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Studio Membership: If you have clay experience to be independent and want  to have a studio acess to come in at your own schedule and use the facilities,  such as  in "Maker Space" for Pottery, you can consider our Studio Potter membership. This is like having your own studio visitng anytime you prefer.  Your experience needs to be validated before accepted for this option.

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Full  membership 24/7 access to Pottery Studio with wheels,slab rollers, kilns and wide range  ot glazes(cone 6 glazes) , dedicated shelf space and more. Limited space availabile.  

You will have upto 12 average pieces(150 cubic inches ) a month included in the studio fee ( firing Fee).  Got more , pay overage at $0.05 per cubic inch for additional pieces  or above average  pieces.

You must have a good  knowledge of clay and glazing. self cleaning and  request teaching artists  permission during active class hours.


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Studio Potter Membership

Join the McKinney Art House Potters and become an Art House Member!


$150 Monthly

Price : $150.00

contact 972-581-9206 or email

Map and Directions: The Pottery Barn

We are located 2 blocks North of the McKinney Square & Next to the Roy and Helen Hall Public Library at 135 E Walker St, Mckinney, Tx 75069

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