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Weekly Pottery Classes at McKinney Art House

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 Weekly Ongoing Class:  It is a great way to  learn  and expand your understanding of pottery. This is in a  group setting that is ongoing  every week  and paid monthly until you decide discontinue or go for different options . This is for all levels( Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced).Students work at their own pace on the pottery wheel or on hand building projects. Student project goals direct what skills and techniques are learned.

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 About waitlisting


Note on waitlisting: Most of our ongoing weekly classes are currently waitlisted. We provide first opportunity to our waitlisted particpants  when an opening comes up including any new classes we create. This may at times make it appear online as it being waitlisted all the time. Please register  and waitlist if you want to recieve auto-notifcation as soon as an opening comes up. There is no payment necessary and you can continue to be on waitlist until you are ready join. Check different options above.