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Art Classes Policy

The Art House is requesting that you pay your entire monthly tuition, at the beginning of each month, whether you come to class or not. We have a waiting list, in most cases, and/or turn people away because of limited space. Your fee pays for your spot, your shelf, and the supplies that we purchase for your class. Even though you may not be here, we are firing pieces, mixing glazes, hauling clay, purchasing paint and brushes and canvas, not to mention paying the light bill.

For  terms and conditions, Please read here

Please check with Artists who you have registered with for their specific Art class Polcies. In  general, if you are going to miss class, please call, email, text, send a carrier, and we will arrange a make-up, if possible. The minimum tuition is for one month. When you are needing to stop the class,  please provide artists one month notice, please clean your shelf( Pottery classes) and pick up all art pieces within 30 days after the notice. If you end your class without notice, your initial deposit will  not be refunded.

Map and Directions: The Pottery Barn

We are located 2 blocks North of the McKinney Square & Next to the Roy and Helen Hall Public Library at 135 E Walker St, Mckinney, Tx 75069

Pottery Studio near McKinney Downtown