Smart Shooter Photo Art Ages 10-adult (Wendolin)

Smart Shooter Photo Art
Ages:   10 to Adult
Level:   All Levels         
Instructor:   Wendolin Mercado 
Cost:    $80, no materials fee
Tuesday: 4-6 p.m
Other: iPhone 5 or above recommended
Learn to shoot amazing photos on your smart phone! We will cover the basics of photography and use apps and tools to edit and enhance your images to create fun and interesting works of art. You will master the perfect selfie, compose a classic portrait and catch the action in street photography. But that is just the beginning. We will use your images in fun and innovative projects.
Classes require $50 registration deposit and first month fees is due at the registration. Registration deposits will be applied to last month of each semester if student doesn't wish to continue to next semester. However, continuing students may roll their deposit into the next semester. Please contact me via email at to register.

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