About Swetha Kalluri

Swetha Kalluri is a local artist and creative artist who teaches adults to enjoy, relax and unwind with watercolors. The fast paced world that we all currently live in, leaves us with less self care and need for rejuvenation. Modern calligraphy is another skill that will teach you to slow down and soak in the moment while learning to write stylishly. Note that your handwriting is in no way an extension of what you will learn in this class. The ups and downs of lines can be compared to life and end up realizing that it is all beautiful finally.

Join her in a fun workshop scheduled for each Friday, or a modern calligraphy class over each weekend. Workshop projects will change in accordance to the seasons, but the basics will be the same in each workshop followed by a wreath of flowers.

You can visit her classes page from submenu and/or contact Swetha for time and dates. In case you decide to join her on the day of workshop, just arrive at the studio during her workshop and join on-site. All workshops are Open workshops

You can contact  Swetha by email: swethakallurione@gmail.com or Text: 248-497-8758. Swetha's portfolio can be found at the link below: