Watercolor Beginning. Ages Adult/Serious Teens(Renee)

Beginning Watercolor Classes
Session 1: Jan 9th  - Feb 13th, 2019: completed

Session 2: Feb 20th - April 3rd, 2019:  Only 2 seats remaining. ( March 13 is a Spring break holiday)

Session 3: April 10th- May 22nd, 2019: 

Session 4: June 5th - July 10th, 2019: Limited space. Register now

Time: Wednesday evenings at 6:00 - 8:30 pm 
Ages: Adult, serious Teens
Cost: $120 / 6 weeks session; $10 supply fee covers all supplies

Taught by Renee F. Wrenwood, a prize winning local watercolorist and art instructor. She loves the medium and is happiest with a loaded brush in her hand.

Explore the basics of Watercolor: choosing the right brushes, paint and paper, mixing and applying paint, correcting mistakes, and saving the white of the paper. Experiment with exciting tricks and techniques; all in a non-stressful, fun environment. Students will create several finished paintings, while getting a good feel for a unique, enjoyable, and very beautiful medium. This class will run concurrently with the intermediate class.

Location: Mckinney Art House in downtown McKinney
Instructor: Renee F. Wrenwood
Registration: email Renee at renee@reneewrenwood.com
Visit my website at reneewrenwood.com

Watercolor Intermediate/Advanced. Ages Adult (Renee)

Ages: Adult
Instructor: Renee Wrenwood

Wednesday 6.30-8.30PM
Tuition per month: $80 per month  (supply fee of $10 includes all supplies, or you may use your own paints and paper)
Registration: Contact Renee or register via reneewrenwood.com

Bring your painting ideas, or just your desire to paint in watercolor. Students will work on paintings of their choice, with guidance and gentle critique from Ms. Wrenwood.

Learn techniques to achieve your goals for your painting. Get suggestions on design/composition and focal point. Discover ways to fix a mistake or save a “ruined” painting. Loosen up and try new methods of painting.  Have fun with watercolor!

This ongoing class will encourage the creative spirit in artists of all skill levels.