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Nidhi Sood

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I am a K-6 ESL certified teacher & taught public school for many years before following my passion to teach art to children. Imagine Arts is an art school purely born out of my love for art and all things art related. Our motto is- If you can Imagine it, you can Create it!

At Imagine Arts, the aim is for each child to connect with the artist within oneself and unleash one’s imagination. Classes focus on using one’s imagination and bringing the inner artist out. Each child is individually coached and allowed to explore their artistic needs based on their natural desires and talents. A big focus is on technique and understanding the key elements of art thus setting a strong foundation for life.

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Choose from several different class options- weekdays or weekend

In addition, Imagine Arts hosts paint parties at the Art house for all ages. Be it a birthday party, CNO or GNO or just for fun, we make sure your special day or night is an extra special one with Imagine Arts.

 Explore...Imagine...Create...That is Art!



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