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Melissa Peterson is a life-long learner, creative, teacher and lover of science. Her earliest memories of “playing in the dirt” were of making mud pies in her childhood sandbox with dandelion decorations. In her 20’s, Melissa was officially introduced to the world of pottery by the late Mikhail Zakin, potter and pottery instructor from  New Jersey. It was through this introduction that the seed of clay curiosity was planted. Years later, while looking for a new creative outlet, Melissa found the McKinney Art House and her love of pottery, clay and all things glaze, was allowed to fully be realized while taking pottery class with her daughters.

Now, Melissa enjoys life-long learning through workshops, her continued personal creative practice, and exploring new possibilities with her students. With a chemistry background, Melissa also loves the actual science behind the creative process of mixing clay chemistry with glaze chemistry and adding heat. You can often find her exploring and testing various combinations of these variables in her personal work. Creatively, Melissa most enjoys creating functional pottery on the wheel and continues the lifelong process of growing her skills at this beautiful art form. Now, she is excited to share the art of creating with clay, and her love of the creative process, with the students at the McKinney Art House Pottery Studio.

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