Mary Woodruff

Mary Woodruff is an award-winning photography and digital art instructor who is passionate about helping others discover how to visually capture what they hope to communicate, express, preserve, or design through photography and digital design. Originally from San Diego, she brings decades of experience and understanding of visual presentation, photography and camera skills in a broad spectrum of areas to her students.


With a passion for teaching others to capture the essence of any subject; people, animals, nature, architecture, sports, or fine art imagery, Mary has successfully taught teenagers and adults how to reach their visual photography and digital/graphic design goals, with many of her students pieces winning local, state and national awards, as well as featured in student exhibits at the Dallas Museum of Art, UTD, the State Capital and in national touring exhibits. She has been invited to teach adults photography skills, camera and digital software use through workshops, educator seminars, publications, and personal tutorials.


Her work can be viewed on her website To contact Mary or for more information, please email at, or use the contact form.