Pottery experience with Celeste( Private class):Comprehensive- 3 Sessions



Ages : 8+ ( Limited to 2 people only)

Time:  By appointment only ( please check before you register below)

Instructor: Celeste 

Project package.. this includes three lessons.


-The first session will be learning the fundamentals of throwing and creating items. This will include a hand build and a wheel piece. This will be a 2 hr session.

-The second session will be a week later where you will trim your pieces and make another hand build project. This will also be a 2 hr session.

-The last session will be glazing your products and that will be a 1 hr session. You will get to choose up to two colors unlike the basic one session.


For one person this package will be $180.00

For two people it will be $263.00



Tags: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16-18, Kids, Teens, Pottery Wheel & Clay, Kids & Teens

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