Celeste Delgado

Celeste has a love for all things art. She started her pottery journey as another medium to express her artistic talents. She soon found a passion for the craft and began her pottery career. She sells her pieces online, word of mouth and commissions. Her love of nature can be found in many of her pieces. What she loves about working with clay over other mediums is that it's the most forgiving. If you mess up... you just put a new piece of clay on the wheel and try again. 

 Celeste has had a desire for teaching since she was a little girl. Raising 4 special needs children took a lot of her time. Now she is able to combine her love of pottery with the desire to show others all about this wonderful art. She enjoys showing others there's more to clay than just putting it on a wheel, that there's so many exciting things you can do with it. Some of the things include hand building, molds and slab work. In her classes she encourages her students to experiment with all aspects of clay. With her love of playing with color she has discovered that using glaze creatively can make exciting and fun combinations to finished pieces.  

During weekly sessions she takes the time to learn each students unique throwing style.  This will help them adapt to the new world of working with their hands to create beautiful pieces.  By customizing, troubleshooting and working with the students indvidulal style it becomes a more natural process and greater reward for them.  She believes each student thinks different, processes different and their bodies and hands are shaped for their uniquness.  This means that the approach to working on the wheel should be tailored to what works for them.

In her sessions, Celeste allows the students to choose their own projects as they learn new skills and help them develop a good foundation. She offers one time and project based classes along with weekly sessions. The single sessions are great for a fun date night or parent and child bonding time. The project based class allows you to start and work with your pieces all the way through the process without a monthly commitment. It's great for the person that just wants to see how they would like working with clay or a memorable experience with a loved one. The weekly package unlocks fun adventures with different methods of working with clay and a deeper understanding of all the processes.


Celeste Teaches private lessons in her studio( pic below) and offers a variety of classes from the ages of 8-adult. See Classes page for details.


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Instagram- potterytree


Facebook- facebook.com/potterytree


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Email- potterytreestudio@gmail.com






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