Cate Robbins

Cate's home and studio are on a small farm in north Texas. She draws inspiration from anything and everything, incorporating the images into a wide variety of media. "So many ideas, so little time!!!" Cate holds a Masters Degree in painting from Texas Woman's University.

Cate paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil and will often combine one or more of these into a single work. Portraits and still life are her favorite subjects but occasionally she will paint a landscape. " I like to work in series of pieces in each medium to explore each idea in depth."

Torn Paper Collage is a fun new medium that Cate has embraced with pieces in collections in the US, Canada and Australia thanks to her shop on Etsy.

Paper making is an on-going passion for Cate. She uses the paper for prints, collage, etching, and colored pencil pieces. The paper itself is beautiful in its own right.

"In the papermaking process I scour the farm for plant material and combine it with recycled paper to create new and unique papers. The act of soaking, cooking, beating and then pulling sheets of paper is almost therapeutic. This form of art gives me the opportunity to combine my conviction of being environmentally responsible with my love of creating."

When Michelangelo was 80 years old he said, "I am still learning." That is a philosophy that Cate embraces every day.

I teach in the classical academic style and consider myself an "art coach".

Have you ever wanted to try drawing and/or painting or do you have experience but would like to take your artwork to the next level? Meet with Cate Robbins for individualized art instruction in small group studio settings.
This is a general study in painting and drawing that includes composition and techniques in a variety of mediums. Instruction is based upon each student’s age, skill level, and goals.
Classes are designed to introduce new students to the skills required to accurately render what they see and for the more advanced artist to gain some visual and creative practice in drawing and painting that will enhance any artistic endeavors.
The class objective is to provide the "tools" necessary to draw and paint with confidence and to develop within the student the ability to see the world the way artists' see. From there, assignments lead the student to express their own individual creativity.
Supply needs for the class will vary according to the individual students’ curriculum needs. Adults and teens will provide their own supplies as needed for working in class and at home.
Tuition for the full month is due at the first class of each month. Arrangements for missed classes are easily made up but are the student’s responsibility to schedule.
Class size is limited so contact Cate today to secure your place.
Contact Cate at
or text 972-658-2785




Thursdays  9- 10:30                         Saturdays   8:30 - 10

                 10:30 - 12                                        10 - 11:30

                  12:30 - 2                                         11:30 - 1



Wednesdays 4:30 -6 (this class is held at Stonebranch Art School in Chambersville)


Tuition rate is $17 per class paid monthly based upon the number of classes held in that month. Usually 4 classes for $68.

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