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Pottery Workshop with Danny Meisinger

Great opportunity to learn from the best! Danny Meisinger is a studio potter and teacher from Kansas.  He has become iconic for his large sculptural pots.. Danny will be conducting 2 day workshops at Mckinney Art House. Danny will also have handmade tools and pots available for sale. Details  for workshop provided below:


When : April 23rd and 24th 
Time: 9.00am -4.00pm
Who: Intermediate and Advanced Potters
Age:  16+
Price: $250 
What to Bring:
  • Students should bring a minimum of 50 lbs of their favorite throwing body.
  • Recommended: Your preferred wires, needle tool, wooden stick, large  wooden/rubber/ribs, loop tools, sponges, calipers, 3 large 12/14” bats, towel, journal,
  • Students and teacher will break around 1pm for lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a sack lunch or order delivery.

Where : The Pottery Barn @Mckinney Art House

Description: This workshop will focus on form development, from small functional work, mugs, bowls and jars, to a large sectional demo. Danny will discuss the balance between form and function. This workshop will mostly be led by student request. Danny will also have handmade tools and pots available for sale.

 This is a 2 day workshop and price includes for both days .

By popular demand this workshop is now already waitlisted. Please join the waitlist and we can request Danny to come back again for another workshop in future and we will keep you posted.



About Danny:

 Danny Meisinger is known for wheel-thrown and altered white stoneware or porcelain functional wares and large non-functional sculptural vessel forms.  Some of these non-functional pitchers and bowls are 4 feet tall or wide.

Meisinger finishes his works by dipping them in a glaze, often with an added overspray glaze application. The surfaces often present the contrast between smooth highly polished and textured areas. Meisinger’s favorite pieces are inspired by the work of the ancient Greek ceramists. You can find more information about Danny and his work on his website :

Artist statement
"When I reflect on my many years of work as a studio potter, I realize it has changed dramatically. The way I think about my work has also changed. My work as a potter, though extremely enjoyable is not the totality of who I am. I do not sacrifice everything to its advancement and I never want to become so consumed by it that I cannot hold it in a healthy context. I am first an individual striving to be more deeply human. If someone asks me what I do for a living I reply I am a potter, but I am much more than that. My family is the most important thing to me, and making pottery is a very satisfying way to provide for them. My work as an artist is also very important to me. What I mean by that is art is important in the world. Even more important than art are artists. We think differently. Creativity is spirit filled and the more art there is in the world the more artists there will be, and the more spirit-filled the world becomes."
Danny's socials:

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