Alex Macias

Alex presents her refined pottery forms with precision in thrown details, lids, and shapes. She began working on the wheel at the age of 5 in kindergarten, quick to decide the messy and rather difficult process of throwing on the wheel was not for her. Alex began creating handbuilt pieces, focusing on slab and sculptural elements. Nine years ago, Alex began working on the wheel again and has since used it as her main method for creating her pieces. Although most of her pottery is  functional, Alex also enjoys “playing in the mud” creating unusual and unique pieces on the wheel.

Today, Alex runs her ceramics business, All Fired Up, teaches at the McKinney Art House, and sells at the local Farmer’s Market, LAST Art Gallery, and Mila Delfin.

Alex  focus in pottery is typically functional ware, however, she likes to add elements of texture and design into her pieces to emphasize form, shape, or use. To her, adding bands, chattering or even carving intricate designs to her pieces is important to the enhancement of the overall form. She typically works in white clays, favoring porcelain and porcelain hybrids, such as MB Clay, with the occasional use of stoneware. She also tends to add different washes and underglazes to her pieces creating depth and allowing contrast from the light and natural clay to the deep colors of the glazes and washes.

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