7/30 - 8/2 Summer Art Spectacular!

Dates 7/30 - 8/2

Time: 9am - 11am, 12pm - 2pm

Ages: 5-11 years. Exceptions made in some cases.

Cost $100 ($60 supply fee per camper)

Register contact normansarah725@gmail.com

Join the festivities for a wonderful and creative experience that ties into MSID Arts Curriculum. We will have so much fun in this project based learning environment, students won't realize they are gaining valuable tools for next school year. Leave the mess at The McKinney Art House, and join Mrs. Norman, a certified MSID Art Teacher, annual Summer Art Spectacular.

Camp Agenda: Become an art expert and learn how to detect the differences between a Matisse and a Moore! We’ll explore the –isms of art, including impressionism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism, realism. We will then create personal artworks inspired by the masters. Investigate Gauguin’s and Cezanne’s expressive landscapes. Be inspired by Henri Moore’s organic sculptures and discover how they differ from Rodin’s realistic forms and create a sculpture of your own. Learn about Picasso and Braque’s cubist style, and how it contrasts Renoir’s soft light techniques. Experiment with color, perspective, 3D forms, dots, and lines to sculpt, paint and print your own masterpiece.

Join us and discover the artist in you!

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