McKinney Art House Homeschool Classes

Mckinney Art House Homeschool classes are perfect for the student who loves Art and wants to improve their skills and build their knowledge while making friends in a classroom setting. Students are organized into small groups, learn to draw, paint, crafting, work with clay, master pottery wheel and much more. Classes are unique, engaging and provide variety of tools and techniques to complete fun, educational art projects.

Homeschool. Colored Pencil. Ages 10-18 + Adult (Noriko)

Homeschool. Colored Pencil. Ages 10-18 + Adult (Noriko)

This is 2017 Fall class that starts in September.  For 2017 Summer Class (June, July & August), please click here for more the class schedule and registration.

Time: Friday 10:00am - 12:00pm

Ages: 10-18 plus accompanying adult
Cost: $88 per month plus supplies
Instructor: Noriko DeWitt

Questions? Contact Noriko via Email

This class focuses on strengthening students' drawing skills and enhancing their artistic styles and creativity through colored pencil. All art styles and skill levels are welcome. Beginner Level students will learn the basic techniques of colored pencil art including initial sketching, layering, blending and building colors, and interpreting colors from a reference photo to express your inner artistic voice. Intermediate/Advanced Level students will hone these skills and learn the art of creating texture and details.

Homeschool. Painting & Drawing. Ages 6-18 (Iwona)

Homeschool. Painting & Drawing. Ages 6-18 (Iwona)

Time: Monday 1pm-3pm

          Tuesday 10:30pm-12:30pm  or 1pm-3pm

           Thursday  1:30-3:30pm


 Ages: 6-18

Instructor: Iwona Staszewski
Tuition per month*: $70 per month plus material fees ($10)
Registration: Contact Iwona

Fall begin in September.

If your child likes drawing and painting this class is for him/her. The child will complete several projects throughout the semester that will develop and improve his drawing and painting skills. We will work with different media throughout the course including acrylics, water color paints, oils and chalk pastels, color pencils, and air dry clay. We base our artwork on master artist's paintings and children's literature. The class will teach different art techniques, all in an encouraging, fun environment while giving your child joy and satisfaction of completing exciting projects.These classes meet once a week for 2 hours. Class size is limited contact the teacher. 

Good Morning Art. Ages 6 -18+ (Wendolin)

Time: Monday 9:00 am-10:30 am
Ages: 6-18+
Instructor: Wendolin Mercado
Cost: $60 per month  (all supplies included!)
Registration: Email Wendolin

GOOD MORNING ART! is the ultimate art studio workshop for kids of any age. 

Creativity is a great way to start your day.  In this  self-paced, open workshop students will have the opportunity to activate their imagination and explore an array of mediums and materials.  Painting, drawing, stitching, sculpting, printing, beading, stamping, lettering, paper making and so much more! 

This class is all about the process of art. Trying, learning, sharing, laughing, discovering and growing. 



Monday 9:00 am-10:30 am

Hands on Art - Mixed media workshop

Hands on Art -  Mixed media workshop

Classes begin Sept 18-20th!

Time: Monday 10:30am - 12:30
         Wednesday 12:30 - 2:30 pm and 2:30pm - 4:30 pm

Ages:10- 18+
Cost: $70 per month (all tools provided- most supplies included)
Instructor: Wendolin Mercado
Registration via email-

Does your child LOVE to create? Are they curious about exploring new mediums and techniques? Would you like them to have the opportunity to learn how to use tools and develop their coordination skills? If so then HANDS ON ART- Mixed media workshop is the ideal class. This year we will be completing a variety of fun and artistic projects. Students are encouraged to experiment with different mediums but will have the opportunity to focus on those that they enjoy the most. This workshop is all about adding materials experience and helping students find their way to their own self expression. Come prepared to learn, create, design, explore, refine and grow!
Here are just a few of the exciting things we will be working with!

and more!

All tools provided Most supplies included


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