Swarna Pandiaraj


Self-taught with a passion to create and share, Swarna has been an exuberant artist from a very young age. Her passion fueled by the support and encouragement of her parents, lead her to experiment with different mediums. A mother of two budding artists, she still continues to be amazed by God’s creations that invokes the creativity in her. Basics of drawing were taught by her father to young Swarna, and her mother was highly encouraging. Nurtured by family and friends innate creativity in her blossomed as she grew up.

Though watercolors and colored pencils were mostly used for school projects, she experienced artistry as she painted with acrylics on the wall at the age of sixteen. Recently on her trip to India to her parent’s home, she retouched the fading paint.Watercolors, oils, clay and pastels are the other mediums that she has added to her closet as she continues to explore the tip of the 'art' iceberg. While memories of her childhood have mostly been the subjects of her creations, she enjoys depicting the awesome, picturesque moments of today as well. From the lush green fields of her home back East to the snow capped mountain ranges of her home in the West, all creations of God have fascinated her, kindling her passion to portray these ever changing scenery.

In line with her belief that art can serve a higher purpose, she continues to donate art works to many local and India based charities. Some of her works adorn some residences and restaurants in the USA, Singapore, Germany and India. Sharing art with all age groups, she hopes that it brings a difference to people’s lives as they get in touch with their inner child. 

Swarna teaches classes for various age groups on Sundays at Mckinney Art House.

To contact for other information, please email Swarna @ spiceupaz@gmail.com



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