Private Pottery Lessons

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Ages: 7 to Adult

Instructor: Jennifer Burke or Stephanie Kaminer or Alex Macias

The lesson is $27.50 ($25 per hour tuition+$2.50 studio fee) for one person per hour + Clay . For additional people it will be $12.50 ( $10 tuition+ $2.50 studio fee) per person per hour + Clay. 


Classes need to be scheduled minimum for 2hrs. If it is just an one-time event there is additonal $25 charge as the artists would be spending time for processing of the art work( Glazing and firing).

Please contact Jennifer via email at for availability and further information


Please contact Stephanie via email at  for availability and further information


Please contact Alex via email at  for availability and further information


McKinney Art House Online Classes

Mckinney Art House  supported Online classes are perfect for the student who loves Art and wants to improve their skills and build their knowledge  at their comfort of home  at any place in the world. Our online classes are conducted and streamed in real time  by individual Artists that you can benefit from social connection, creative engagement and caring community.  Classes are unique, engaging and provide variety of tools and techniques to complete fun, educational art projects . 

 The students will be given lessons in drawing, painting, printmaking based on the classes they pick . Class limit is 6-8 students to provide quality experience for each of the students.

For registering to the classes please pick the options from below and contact the teacher directly as per the information provided.

Online/Zoom Beginning Watercolor Class: Tuesday 6.00-8.30pm

Online/Zoom Beginning Watercolor Class: Tuesday 6.00-8.30pm

Online/ZoomBeginning Watercolor Class

Tuesday EVENING class 6:00 pm - 8.30 pm

January 25 - March 1


Explore the basics of Watercolor through a live Zoom class.  Leave your fear and frustration behind; discover that watercolor can be enjoyable, satisfying, and inspiring (and that, contrary to popular belief, you can correct mistakes!)

Learn to mix and apply paint, blend colors, and create shading without the use of white paint. I will teach you exciting tricks and techniques; all in a non-stressful, fun environment. We’ll discuss choosing the right brushes, paint, and paper, how to save the white of the paper, and how to tear paper for a handsome edge.

You will create several finished paintings, while getting a good feel for a unique, marvelous, and very beautiful medium.

Taught by Renee Wrenwood, a prize winning local - McKinney, TX watercolorist and art instructor. She loves the medium is happiest with a loaded brush in her hand.

Cost: $135 / 6 weeks

Ages: Adult and serious teens

Location: Zoom meeting    For the best the best results, it is recommended that you use a computer rather than a tablet or phone for the class. For those unfamiliar with Zoom, we’ll have a “learn about Zoom session” where I’ll walk you through how to do Zoom and make sure that you can get on. Just let me know if you‘re interested, and we can schedule a time.

Instructor: Renee Wrenwood



Or if you have questions or wish to mail a check:  email Renee at   or phone/text: 214-425-3618

After you have registered, I will email you the Zoom link, Zoom instructions, and the supply list.


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