Clay Parties / Pottery Parties (16+ years only)

Clay Party / Pottery Party

The pottery wheel is a never-to-be-forgotten experience for all involved. Your 90 minute pottery experience starts in our pottery room with a hand building lesson plus individual lessons on the pottery wheel. Each person will have an opportunity to throw one on one with the instructor with all levels welcome. Included in your special event is a secondary location within the art house for 30 minutes of snacks, cake, present opening or an activity (customer to provide).

  • 2 hours in our studio, includes 6 attendees: $275
  • Each person will throw a piece of pottery with the help of the instructor
  • Particpants have to be 16+ years old .
  • A lesson on hand building (coil pot, mask, or other options)
  • Party includes 30 minutes for serving snacks
  • Instructor does firing and glazing (included & returned to you in approximately a month)


Call 972-581-9206 or Email Mckinney Art House for more information: