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March 11-14th 9.00 am - Noon ( Age8+) Spring break Drawing Art camp with DAART studios($200)

Drawing ART camp with DAART studios

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Where: DAART studio  (the Pottern Barn at Mckinney Art House)
Dates  March 11th -14th 2024
Time: 9:00am- Noon
Age: 8+
Cost: $200
Explore the world of art with upgraded drawing skills using pencil and charcoal! Starting at the basic level, participants will learn correct pencil usage and the art of drawing beautiful lines. Progress further by exploring techniques such as line stacking, portrait drawing, still lifes, and human body sketches!

dAArt will unveil the secrets of sketching through one-point lessons during spring break. Let’s delve into the depth of drawing together!

Get ready for an enriching artistic experience!



Ensure your artist has a fantastic time by packing the following:

  • Drinking water

  • Snacks (Apron or work clothes, as activities may get a bit messy)

  • Closed-toe shoes suitable for outdoor activities

  • Please note that this camp involves somewhat static activities and requires concentration. 

Please contact DAART studios  for more information.
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