Cate Robbins Summer Camps

Registration for Summer 2019 camps now open !


Click on the camp info below and  register online or contacting artists before they get full!

July 22-25th: 9-12-noon Drawing camp ( Ages 12-Adult)

July 22-25th: 9-12-noon Drawing camp ( Ages 12-Adult)


Summer Camp with Cate Robbins! 

Drawing Camp.

Where: McKinney Art House,

When: July 22nd to July 25th   9.00am - Noon

Who: Ages 12-Adult

Cost: $130

In this 4 day camp, you will learn techniques and tools to create accurate drawings. Various different subjects and materials will be explored.

For further information and registration contact  Cate :

1draftsman.jpg Drawing_1_pi_1_sp_2014.jpg Emily_1.jpg sp_2016_i.jpg


Emphasis_-_Alex_2011_Fall.jpg Farm_Scene.jpg Sophia_-_bug_project_2014.jpg Feet_Project_-_Cheyanne_2.jpg

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