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McKinney Art House offers a wide range of unique art classes taught by professional artists. What is that you want to learn about or skill to acquire? What are your interests? Select from the options below to see what we have to offer!

The Fall 2018 Semester starts Sept until end of the year. Spring 2019 Semester starts January until end of May.

For registering to the classes please pick the options from below and contact the teacher directly as per the information provided.

Drawing and Painting with Cate: Adults

Painting & Drawing. Ages 10+ (Iwona)

Drawing for Teens with Lynne Hubner, MFA. Ages 8-13 (Lynne)

Watercolor Intermediate/Advanced. Ages Adult (Renee)

Homeschool. Colored Pencil. Ages 10-18 + Adult (Noriko)

Homeschool. Painting & Drawing. Ages 6-18 (Iwona)

Private Pottery Lessons

Home School Art class for Teens

Drawing and Painting with Cate also Homeschool (11- Adult)

Colored Pencil. Ages 10-Adult (Noriko)

Mosaic Madness. Ages 14-Adult (Nancy Rosenberg)

Drawing and Painting with Cate. Ages 11-Adult

Painting & Drawing. Ages 6 (must be 1st grader)-13 (Iwona)

Drawing for Adults with Lynne Hubner, MFA. Ages Adult

Watercolor Beginning. Ages Adult/Serious Teens(Renee)

Mon-Tues Pottery Wheel & Clay. Ages 16-Adult (Tim)

Mixed-media Magic also Home School. Ages 6-18 (Jasmine)

Thur Night Pottery Wheel & Clay. Ages Adult (Brandon)

Saturday Pottery Wheel & Clay. Ages 7-Adult (Stephanie)

Mixed Media Art Ages 6-adult (Wendolin)

Homeschool. Good Morning Art. Ages 6 -12 (Wendolin)

Colored Pencil. Ages 12-Adult (Noriko)

Drawing With Teens with Lynne Hubner, MFA. Ages 11-18

Hands on Art Ages 6-18 (Wendolin)

Colored Pencil. Ages 10-15 (Noriko)

Printmaking 101 Plus. Ages Adult (Lynne)

Wednesday Night Pottery Wheel & Handbuilding Class: 13- Adult (Stephanie)

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