Ivona Class Registration Guidelines


To register your child for the class, choose the best day that works for you and check with the teacher for availability. To register your child, I need your child's full name, age, and the best phone number to reach you (many times, texts are sent as a way to communicate), and the deposit must be paid. If the class is already full on the day you'd like, a waiting list will be provided. If there is enough students on the waiting list, an additional day and time may be opened. Due to the popularity of my art classes, I go by the rule of whoever pays first gets a spot in the class first. If you are asking about a class today, I can't guarantee the class will still have an open spot tomorrow. I suggest to pay the registration fee and book your spot as soon as possible.



A deposit of $50 needs to be paid before the class starts to secure your child's spot in the class. It goes towards the last classes of your tuition. If you decide to stop the class at any time during the semester, I must be notified no later than two weeks in advance to get your deposit back. Invoice payment will be sent by email to a parent whenever you are ready to register your child.



Tuition is due the first week of each month and it is based on the number of sessions each month provides. On average, there will be 4 classes a month which cost $100, if there are 3 classes you will pay $75 and yet some months provide 5 classes at $125.

Due to the number of students, I am teaching and the tremendous amount of time I spend on collecting tuition each month and texting and emailing parents reminding them to pay on time, I've decided to change the payment method to credit card auto-charge. The tuition amount will be automatically charged from your credit card every month as long as you stay in my art program.

For the first month enrollment, I will send you the invoice through Stripe payment system that will allow you to save your credit card on file there. Please make sure you accept this option, so I can charge the future invoices to the saved card instead of sending the invoice for payment. Please note that I will not have access to your credit card details - it will be securely stored by Stripe and you will always have the choice to withdraw your permission.

Tuition covers most of your child art supplies (6+). But, for the older child classes (10+) some supplies are required to be purchased by parents. The list will be provided here: Art Supply List


If I miss a class, what happens?

If you miss a class, you are welcome to take a make-up class. Due to the character of my classes, I request one or two days notice from a parent. I do my best to arrange a make-up session for your child. You can either email me at ivona@evonagallery.com or text me at 469-454-8555. Make-up classes are OK anytime during the school year as long as you enrolled into my art program.


Class cancellation

The McKinney Art House works like the McKinney ISD school calendar, I take breaks during the big holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. In case of a teacher sick day or severe weather, I may cancel the class and will try my best to communicate at least 1 hour before the class starts. For those of you who are traveling from far away, please use your best judgment and email/text me if you feel it would be unsafe for you to travel. If there is severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings during the class, we will evacuate the children to the library 1/2 block south of the Art House. Discount/refund will be given for the class canceled by the teacher.

Try out class

If you are new to my art program and if you are not sure if the class is a good fit for her/him and would like to try out a class please contact me. I'll do my best to arrange the tryout class for you as soon as possible. The cost of a try-out class is just like one regular class - $25.


Moving to Another Class Day/Time

Moving to another class day or time is possible by letting me know when you have a schedule conflict. Your child will be moved to another class immediately if the spot in the class is open. In the case of full classes, you will be my first priority whenever a class spot opens.


What Else Should I Know About the Class

Art classes can be very messy so please dress your child appropriately for art lessons. Students can wear their own aprons from home. The art house also provides aprons to protect your child clothes.

Please do not bring your children earlier than 5 minutes before the class starts. I need time to get the class and supplies ready for the day. If you arrive earlier, please wait in the car or if the weather permits, on the front porch or hall-way. If dropping off your child, please don't drive off immediately. Wait a few minutes to make sure your child's teacher is teaching that day. Ideally, you should walk with your child to the class. If your child is to be picked up by anyone who is not a legal guardian, please notify the teacher in advance of the class.

In most cases, I have a waiting list, but sometimes I must turn people away because of limited classroom space. Your fee pays for your spot, your shelf, and the supplies that I purchase for your class (paint, canvas, paper, brushes, glue, oils, etc.) If you decide to discontinue the class for any reason, please let me know at least two weeks in advance, so I can let a waiting student know there is a spot available for them in the class.

Thank you for choosing my classes, I hope your child will enjoy the creativity time in the class.