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Harry and Hogwarts return to the McKinney Art House
Based on demand from the Jone 03rd camp and requets for new dates, Ms Wendolin is offering  another seperate week of Harry Potter camp.
Where: McKinney Art House
When: June 24th-28th  09:00 am - 3.00 pm
Ages: 6+
Cost:  $325 + $35 material fee
Instructor: Wendolin Mercado
Back by popular demand!  Harry and Hogwarts return to the art House once more for a magical week of fun, imagination and art! 
Step into the world of Harry Potter and experience the magic in the most incredible way ever!  This Highly interactive camp blends art,  activities and imagination straight from the movies and books! 
Discover your house with an official sorting hat ceremony.  Make new friends as your house works together all week to gain points for the house trophy!

We take wand making seriously her at Hogwarts McKinney and offer you only the best in wand making materials.  These wands are fun to make beautiful to look at and exciting to use!  But be careful these wands are powerful as you will demonstrate in your own movie style clip!

Take potion making to a new level with ultra authentic, beautiful potions that glow , sparkle,  swirl and even change color!  Combine liquids, create cool  labels and this year we are  excited to add edible potions to the mix!

Hop on your broomstick and show off your skills as you weave your way through the course  attempting  to score a goal with the Quaffle.   Watch out for the Beaters and those pesky Bludgers and keep out an eye for the golden snitch! 

Bertie Bot eating, Dragon training, spell casting , butter beer making and so much more. 
Don’t miss out!  This camp fills quickly!


There is break between during which you can have lunch at Art House. Due to safety and varied dietary needs, lunch will not be provided, but you may get lunch and snacks with you.  

Email contact: Wendolin Mercado  wendolin@mac.comPhone Text:214 578 9396

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Small Glimpse of  Harry potter camp from Previous years  is below


Map & Directions

We are located 2 blocks North of the McKinney Square & Next to the Roy and Helen Hall Public Library at 502 N Kentucky St McKinney Texas 75069. Near  McKinney Dowtown.