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Metalsmith Mania ! with Miss Wendolin
Where: McKinney Art House
When: June 10th-14th 
Time 9.00am-3.00pm
Ages: 10+
Cost:  $325 + $35 material fee
Instructor: Wendolin Mercado
Hammers and torches and metal oh my!!!  This is no ordinary summer camp!

Let’s get into metal!  Do you love working with your hands? Interested in using a blow torch?  Think you might enjoy forging metal with a hammer?  I know just how you feel.  Metal smithing is my passion and I absolutely love to watch my student’s excitement when they light their first blow torch, make their first hot connection or forge a piece of copper into a work of art. 
In this unique camp students will learn skills to create a variety of projects. From a metal stamped necklace to hand forged designer cuff and everything in between. 
We will start with metal stamping learning the tricks of the trade to add a professional look to your designs. We will learn how to make a variety of textures as well as finishes. Then we will move on to forging, Here is where you will really get to ponds things out and move some metal.  Learn how to properly anneal your metal with a torch, apply your texture techniques and use different strikes to shape and refine your piece.  Students ill have the opportunity to create torch soldered jewelry and even set a small stone! 
Finally we will explore the amazing world of casting!   For the first time ever students will have a chance to create their own pattern, make a  mold, pour molten metal and cast a small object!   This ancient and unique process opens up a world of possibilities!
 Safety  is always a high priority so we will spend time learning how to create safely.  Please be prepared to adhere to all safety protocols.

There is break between during which you can have lunch at Art House. Due to safety and varied dietary needs, lunch will not be provided, but you may get lunch and snacks with you.  

Email contact: Wendolin Mercado  wendolin@mac.comPhone Text:214 578 9396

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Map & Directions

We are located 2 blocks North of the McKinney Square & Next to the Roy and Helen Hall Public Library at 502 N Kentucky St McKinney Texas 75069. Near  McKinney Dowtown.