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Jay is a studio artist at McKinney Art House . Jay is a highschool dropout to college scholarship winner.  In August 2021,  she achieved getting her GED and starting my freshman year of college, also while being the first to get a full ride scholarship to Philander Smith College for visual and performing arts. She can truly say she has been blessed and this is only the beginning.


She started painting to help cope with her mental well-being. She has been starting to figure out her  style of art over the last few years. Her art is a look into  her mind, an expression of how she feels in the moment. 


As Jay describes herself:  This is me. Who I am. What I represent. The characters create themselves I just give them life, to tell their stories as my own. I’ve Been Nice, I’ve kept all my pain and emotions to myself for years because I didn’t want to disturb my life. I believe to grow we have to let go of things that don’t bring us peace. To live is to die; therefore u shall be reborn to awake in a god-like form.

Map & Directions

We are located 2 blocks North of the McKinney Square & Next to the Roy and Helen Hall Public Library at 502 N Kentucky St McKinney Texas 75069. Near  McKinney Dowtown.