McKinney Art House, established in 2005, is a colorful home for creativity, and a place to enrich your artistic side. We offer art and pottery classes for all kids, teens and adults. We have weekly  art and pottery classes, summer camps, birthdays and art parties, workshops and homeschool art classes.  

We are an art collective with a community of artists, each running their own classes. Many of our teachers are award winning and some nationally recognized in their specialized field.

Adventure Seekers Workshop


This school year, travel the world through ART every 2nd Sunday of the month. This workshop series is designed for the daring at heart. Leap into an extraordinary creative journey as we experience the cultures of exotic, far-off places and people of long ago.

Encounter remarkable regions through a hands-on art experience. We will make art inspired by cultures from regions such as Africa, Northeast and Southeast Asia and parts of India. Dive into the ancient lives of Egyptians and the people who first inhabited the Americas.

Our focus will be on instruction that allows for experimentation with a variety of art materials in order to foster a personal sense of knowledge and respect for cultures around the globe.

Each month, students will be guided through lessons in watercolor and acrylic painting, sculpture with clay and other materials, plaster, ink, yarn, mixed media and much more. Travel, encounter and experiment with us as we go on an artistic quest throughout the world.

Date: Sept 12th
In honor of National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month, we will do  an ancient Mayan inspired project and a Mexican Metepec Sun project.
Time: 1.00 pm – 4:00 pm
Ages:  5-12
Cost: $125( Includes $20 supply fee)                                                                        
Location: Art House in downtown McKinney
Instructor: Sarah Norman





Tags: Kids, Drawing & Painting, All-in-One

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